Read an Ebook Week

Read an Ebook Week

*From Paula: Check out the news item below. All of my books published through WordCrafts Press are part of this special celebration.

If you have ever wanted to take a chance on a new author, but didn’t want to fork over full price for a hardback or paperback edition, now is your chance! The 9th annual Read an Ebook Week is underway, and runs through end of day March 11.

A multitude of authors and publishers from around the world participate in this global ebook celebration, offering thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles available for free or at deep discounts in all major ebook formats, including .epub, for most ereader devices such as iPad and Nook, and .mobi for Kindle.

WordCrafts Press is joining in the celebration, offering all of its ebook titles at a 75 percent discount from retail, exclusively through the Smashwords ebookstore.

“We’re thrilled to participate in the Read an Ebook Week celebration,” said WordCrafts Press publisher, Mike Parker. “What a great opportunity for readers to discover new authors, and for less than the price of a cup of coffee!”

The Smashwords ebookstore makes it easy for readers to purchase participating titles. Simply visit the Smashwords website and search for the WordCrafts Press title you want. Click on the Buy With Coupon button, then use the code RAE75 to get the discounted price. But hurry. The discounted prices end at close of business, March 11.

“If you enjoy your ebook, please take time to share your thoughts on your favorite social media site,” Parker added. “The best publicity an author can get is an honest recommendation from a reader.”

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WordCrafts Theatrical Press Offers Free Perusal Copy of Stage Adaptations of Three of Jane Austen’s Beloved Novels – Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, & EMMA to Community and School Theaters

January 16, 2017 (Buffalo, WY) – “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

“I have done mischief.”

The year 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of British author, Jane Austen. It is no exaggeration to say that Austen is one of the most beloved novelists of all time. A 2003 BBC poll placed her masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice, in the #2 spot in their list of the “UK’s Best Loved Books,” right behind Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” A 2008 Australian survey pegged Pride and Prejudice on top of the “101 Best Books Ever Written.”

Pride and Prejudice was not Austen’s first novel, however. That distinction belongs to the equally beloved, Sense and Sensibility, which Austen self-published under the pseudonym of “A Lady,” in 1811, and the novel has been in continuous publication ever since.

While Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility dealt with the trials, tribulations and concerns of genteel women in the Georgian-Regency period, Austen’s Emma is much more light-hearted. This comedy of manners continues to resonate with contemporary audience as evidenced by its popular 1995 hit film adaptation, “Clueless.”

The internationally-acclaimed playwright Paula K. Parker adapted the novels with an eye for authenticity and a determination to maintain the integrity of the original work. “There is a tendency for some contemporary playwrights to inject their own values or agendas into their scripts when they adapt a popular novel for the stage or screen,” Parker declared. “But Jane Austen’s works stand on their own. Lizzy Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Emma Woodhouse, and the Dashwood sisters are delightful characters as Jane Austen created them, without trying to infect them with 21st Century proclivities.”

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the Austen’s amazing literary legacy, WordCrafts Theatrical Press is declaring 2017 The Year Jane Austen Takes Center Stage. To celebrate, they are offering community theaters free perusal copies of Parker’s stage adaptions of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility, and Jane Austen’s EMMA through digital download in all major eBook formats. To get your free perusal copy of any or

send an email to and be sure to “Jane Austen” in the subject line. We’ll send you a link to the download site and a coupon code for a 100% discount. There is no obligation.

Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is available for amateur and professional productions from WordCrafts Theatrical Press. The cast requires 11 males & 17 females with possible doubling of roles.

Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility is available for amateur and professional productions from WordCrafts Theatrical Press. The cast requires 13 males & 10 females with possible doubling of roles.

Jane Austen’s EMMA is available for amateur and professional productions from WordCrafts Theatrical Press. The cast requires 7 males & 9 females with possible doubling of roles.

For more information on WordCrafts Theatrical Press or to request production rights, please visit or contact:

CE Edwards
Senior Publicist
WordCrafts Press & WordCrafts Theatrical Press

For more information on Paula K. Parker visit her website,

Also available from WordCrafts Theatrical Press:

The Obits
Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

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“JANE AUSTEN’S EMMA” Earns Best Play Nomination

“JANE AUSTEN’S EMMA” Earns Best Play Nomination

Jane Austen’s EMMA, the delightfully whimsical new stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, which enjoyed its world premiere at middle Tennessee-based Springhouse Theatre Company earlier this year, is winning over the hearts of critics as well as local theater-goers. The production recently earned a nomination for “Best Play of 2016” from’s Nashville region. Springhouse Theatre Company’s production of Jane Austen’s EMMA also generated Best Actress and Best Actor nominations for Nashville-based actress Corinne Bupp in the title role, and recording artist Brian Barrett as Mr. George Knightley, as well as a Best Director nomination for Margaret Meek.

It’s not the first time Jane Austen’s EMMA has been singled out by the influential theater resource. When the show opened in February 2016, it was included on the Broadway World Nashville’s “Critic’s Choice: The Shows You Just Can’t Miss” list.

According to Broadway World Nashville, “If you love Jane Austen’s novels, or if you just love to laugh, enjoy life and appreciate love, you’re likely to be enchanted by this staging of (playwright) Paula K. Parker’s adaptation of one of Austen’s most enduring – and we daresay delightful – works. The talented supporting cast includes 2016 First Night Most Promising Actor Cate Eunyoung Jo.”

[L to R] Cate Eunyoung Jo as Harriet and Corinne Bupp as Emma

Jane Austen’s feisty, provocative and enchanting heroine, Emma Woodhouse, comes to life on the stage in Parker’s sparkling new stage adaptation. Beautiful, talented and bored, Emma amuses herself by making matches for her acquaintances, and she fancies herself to be quite adept at the practice. But things spin quickly out of control when Emma intervenes in the affairs of the heart of her hapless friend, Harriet. The result is a hilarious comedy of errors that eventually uncovers the secret desires of Emma’s own heart.

Jane Austen’s EMMA is the third of Austen’s novels that Ms. Parker has adapted for the stage. Her other adaptations, Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility, are also available from WordCrafts Theatrical PressJane Austen’s EMMA is available for production by either amateur or professional theatre companies.

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“SISTERS OF LAZARUS” series receive a glowing 5-star Amazon review

“SISTERS OF LAZARUS” series receive a glowing 5-star Amazon review

Reader Tracy Sugg wrote a glowing 5-star review of the SISTERS OF LAZARUS series:

“For anyone who loves books and a good read – especially during these cold winter evenings near a warm fire and a hot beverage – I highly recommend these two books! Paula K Parker has brought to life the stories of Mary and Martha in the first book [BEAUTY UNVEILED] of the ‘Sisters of Lazarus’ series. Her attention to historic research is evident – this is not a couple of 21st century women stuck in a backdrop of Biblical scenery. See the Biblical story unfold in a well written, engaging and dramatic story! In the second book,[GLORY REVEALED] the story picks right up where the first story ends and unfolds during the Passover week through the Ascension of Christ. Once the book got to the Triumphant Entry I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it!!! For the purists out there – – Paula has a link to her website that details which parts are historic fact in her book, along with the documented research, and which parts were written as creative license to tell this dramatic Story. Though one usually thinks of reading this Story around Easter time, I found it especially meaningful reading this during the Advent Season.”

Both books in the SISTERS OF LAZARUS series  is available as a discounted bundle.

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“GLORY REVEALED” reviewed on Midwest Book Review

“GLORY REVEALED” reviewed on Midwest Book Review

mbrGLORY REVEALED was reviewed by C.E. Edwards on the Reviewer’s Bookwatch of the Midwest Book Review site. The review is included below.

Glory Revealed: Sisters of Lazarus, Book Two
Paula K. Parker
WordCrafts Press
Buffalo, Wyoming
9780990976189, $15.99, PB, 328 pages,

C.E. Edwards

grsquareIn “Glory Revealed: Sisters of Lazarus, Book Two” author Paula K. Parker continues the saga of the family of Lazarus, the man Jesus of Nazareth raised from the dead. Folks who have been to Sunday school as children have at least a flannel-graph familiarity with the story. But Parker does more than simply rehash the facts presented in Scriptures. She puts flesh on the bones and blood in the veins of the characters, presenting them as real life people with real life interpersonal conflicts, frustrations, joys and foibles – very much like people you probably know; maybe even people you are related to…or maybe even you.

In Sisters of Lazarus: Beauty Unveiled” Parker introduced us to two sisters, Mary and Martha, who were very much at odds with each other, each with their own personal baggage, and each with their own agendas. Both are transformed by their encounter with the prophet from Nazareth, and share the mind-numbing miracle of having their brother restored from the grave. (It’s easy to just read the story in the Bible and think, ‘oh, that’s pretty cool,’ and then move on to the next story; but stop and ponder for a moment.

This is not the story of a loved one whose heart stopped on the operating room table, and the doctors put the paddles on and yelled, ‘clear!’ This is the story of a loved one who was dead…dead and buried…dead and buried four days ago. If it was your brother, whom you saw die. Then you buried him, and a week later some guy tells you to dig him up, and then he walks out of the grave?! I mean seriously, how would you feel? Okay, enough pondering; back to the review.) SPOILER ALERT – “Beauty Unveiled” ends with Mary anointing Jesus’ feet, pouring out the only thing of value she has; the precious perfume from her alabastron.

“Glory Revealed” picks up immediately after this event and carries the story forward through the Last Supper, the trial and crucifixion, and the resurrection, to its glorious conclusion at the ascension of Christ. It is a magnificent re-imagining of the Greatest Story Ever Told, from the viewpoint of those who loved Jesus best; and those who hated Him most. Highly recommended!

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For the Christmas gift-giving season, both books in the Sisters of Lazarus series – BEAUTY UNVEILED and GLORY REVEALED – are being sold as a discounted bundle for $25. [Shipping additional; supplies are limited.]

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