“SISTERS OF LAZARUS” Solar Eclipse Sale

“SISTERS OF LAZARUS” Solar Eclipse Sale

August 21, 2017.

That’s the date of the upcoming solar eclipse, when the period of totality will cover a large portion of the continental United States.

To celebrate this rare event, now through August 21, I am having a SISTERS OF LAZARUS Solar Eclipse Sale.

For the next 17 days, you have two sale prices:

Click here to buy Beauty Unveiled, SISTERS OF LAZARUS, Book 1for $8.21*


Click here to buy the Beauty Unveiled & Glory Revealed Solar Eclipse Bundle for $17.00.*

*Shipping and handling will be applied to each purchase.

Take advantage of the SISTERS OF LAZARUS Solar Eclipse Sale today. The sale prices are good through August 21.

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Autographed Copies

The only way to ensure that your book has been autographed by Paula K. Parker is to buy your very own signed copy directly from the author. Visit the Book Shop to place your order!


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