Unlikely Evangelist CoverIn honor of Father’s Day, I am giving away free downloads of my book, An Unlikely Evangelist. It will be available in all eBook formats from the Smashwords eBook Store from June 9 through June 23.

At 5:10 p.m. on Friday, March 1, 2013, I learned that my father had passed away.

Daddy had died as he had lived; all alone in the bar he managed. I grieved, not just for the loss of my father, but because I wasn’t sure where he would spend eternity.

However, during the week of his death and funeral, several events revealed God’s hand at work. The day after we returned home, I wrote down the experience in a short memoir called, An Unlikely Evangelist, and shared it with a few friends.

The response was overwhelming. My pastor asked me to read it during the Father’s Day service. Monica Schmelter, host of the syndicated television show Bridges on the Christian Television Network, invited me to read it on her program and encouraged me to share my story with as many people as possible.

“Father’s Day is usually thought of as a happy occasion for family gatherings,” Monica explained. “But not everyone has a great relationship with their dad. It can be a tough day for some people. Paula’s story is so encouraging and I believe it can bring healing to a lot of hurting people.”

I did not write this story to be anything more than my own memories. So many people commented on it, however, and asked where they could get copies of it, that I decided to publish it as a short story.

I am humbled that the story continues to touch people. LeAnn Morris commented in a reader’s review: “This is a touching story and tribute to God’s unseen work to bring healing of past pain and disappointment, and the expectation of a glorious reunion one day. Well done Paula!!!”

Since the book’s initial release, it has been my tradition to give away the eBook version during the Father’s Day season. There are no hoops to jump through and no coupons to fuss with. To download a copy of An Unlikely Evangelist, click here.

The song, Nothing is Wasted, by my friend Jason Gray, was an encouragement to me during the writing of An Unlikely Evangelist. Please check out his amazing music video. For more information about Jason, visit him online at JasonGrayMusic.com.