My beautiful and brilliant daughter, Rachael

Ever since my eldest daughter Rachael – who is quite brilliant, I must confess, but then I’m a doting mama, but I am speaking the truth – oh look, I have gotten off on a mini-bunny trail and now must find my way back.

I wonder why they are called bunny trails? Other animals leave tracks, and the way I sometimes get distracted, they should be called dinosaur trails or elephant trails. But I wouldn’t want to be associated with something old and extinct as a dinosaur – although I did want to be a paleontologist when I was a child – or be associated with anything as big and wrinkly as an elephant – although Dr. Suess’s Horton (of “Horton Hears a Who” and “Horton Hatches an Egg”) which were some of my favorite childhood books. But I do get distracted quite easily.

I assume it’s because I’m female and therefore can multi-task – look I used a big word, aren’t you impressed – and unable to focus like men. I often envy men their ability to be able to totally shut out the world and noise and activity going on around them and just zero in on what they are doing. Why do we use zero to mean focus, because in math, zero means nothing, and we wouldn’t say that we are doing nothing when we are trying to concentrate .


I just realized that I don’t remember what I wanted to say in this blog.

Hmmmm…the title was “Rachael and the Rambling Blog-Monster.” Did I tell you that Rachael is brilliant…oops, not going to get distracted again! anyhow, several months ago, Rachael told me that I needed to start a blog. She said all authors write blogs and since I’m an author I should write one as well.

Being a loving mother – did I tell you that Rachael…NO! I’m not going there – I followed Rachael’s suggestion and began BIRTH OF A BLOG on my website. I would write about whatever was on my mind which, being female and unable to focus on one thing, could be a lot at any given moment. Tomatoes, rain, shopping, cell phones; whatever occurred to me I wrote about in my blog.

At first, I tried to write my blogs on Mondays, using it as sort of a mental exercise to get the blood pumping in my brain before turning my attention to whatever deadlines – don’t even get me started on why they are called ‘deadlines’ -were staring me in the face. Did you like how I gave the deadlines the living ability to stare? But if they are living, wouldn’t that mean they are livinglines?


I lost my train of thought again. Hey, did you know that train came from the idea of something following, as in, ”The train follows the engine?”

STOP THAT! Focus on the blog at hand, or actually the blog on the computer screen.

So anyhow, after a few weeks of blog-writing, life as a writer intruded. For those of you who think that life as a writer is enjoyable, let me assure you; it is. Being able to sit at home and create is a blessing I am most thankful for. However, one challenge of being a writer is that you can’t set a regular schedule. Business meetings with writing-related people don’t always fit into a pre-determined schedule. Emails from editors wanting you to check your 200 page manuscript one more time before the book goes to the printers can come while you’re on vacation. [It’s happened to me.] I could go on and on, but then…


You did it again! Get back on topic!

As I was saying…sometimes things popped up on Monday and I wasn’t able to get around to writing my blog. I began worrying about it, thinking that my readers were going to my website, not finding my blog, and wondering what happened to me. I could see them wondering whether I have given up writing and deciding to follow another author; which I haven’t and don’t want them to do.

My blog-monster, who is not beautiful or as brilliant as my daughter Rachael

My blog – which started out as a simple mental exercise – grew into a huge monster, lurking in the corners of my house. When I go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, it rambles after me, drooling and muttering that I have forgotten him. When I am writing other things, the monster sits down next to me – nearly breaking my couch with its weight– and grumbles that I have enough time for other writing, why don’t I have time for it? Even when I’m sleeping, the blog monster invades my dreams and whines – rather like a petulant teenager – that I don’t love it anymore.

So I sat down today – a Wednesday – to write my blog. Because I want to appease the blog-monster and because my eldest daughter Rachael said I should write one. By the way, did I tell you that Rachael is brilliant?