Authentic Media reduces price of Kindle UK version through August.

Authentic Media and Walk Through The Bible Ministries UK continue to partner to ensure their joint collaboration YHWH The Flood, The Fish & The Giant by GP Taylor and Paula K Parker, is available in every possible format. Following the book publication last year, Walk Through the Bible created an audio version which is now available for audio streaming though the website

It all started with a hope and prayer…

Several years ago Paul Keeys, of Walk Through the Bible Ministries, sent out a “ridiculously optimistic email” to NY Times best-selling author GP Taylor.  2011would be the 400th anniversary of the King James version of the Bible and Keeys wanted something that would renew children’s interest in the book that has impacted our culture and language.

“I asked GP Taylor if he would write a book for me that would present the stories of the Bible to young people, giving description and flesh to these ancient places, people and events,” Keeys said. “Somehow, my wild contact paid off; he agreed to write two books.”

In May 2010, YHWH: The Flood, The Fish & The Giant, written by GP Taylor and US writer and playwright, Paula K. Parker was released by Authentic Media. YHWH is a collection of classic, ancient tales from the Old Testament, retold in a fresh and vibrant way for a generation that is perhaps more familiar with Hogwarts and Mount Olympus than the Garden of Eden.

“I know many young people and adults who don’t read the Bible simply because they don’t think the language is understandable,” states Parker. “The purpose of the book is not to proselytize or convert,” Taylor insists, “but to give children, young people and adults a taste of the mystery of one of the most life changing books ever written. It is an introduction to the stories that have entertained and thrilled people for thousands of years.”

A great advocate of encouraging children to read, Taylor says he felt compelled to participate in co-authoring YHWH: The Flood, The Fish & The Giant when he discovered that up to 90% of children and young people in the UK are Biblically illiterate, with even such classic tales as David and Goliath, Noah and the ark, Samson, and Jonah going unnoticed.

“This isn’t just a problem from a faith-based perspective,” Taylor points out. “It also devalues our language and our culture. When a sports commentator recently said that the big match was a ‘David and Goliath struggle,’ many young fans didn’t know what he meant.”

YHWH, The Flood, The Fish & The Giant found US fans from Nashville to Hollywood and all points in between.

Popular Christian recording artist and author, Bonnie Keen (First Call), commented, “Mega kudos to Paula Parker and G. P. Taylor for bringing this fresh collection of timeless adventures to a new generation. As one often hears, ‘You can’t make this stuff up!’ YHWH, The Flood, The Fish & The Giant fits the bill for any reader longing to embrace a heart-pounding story where the underdog wins the day and good triumphs against all odds over evil. In this marvelous new work we remember afresh why Biblical stories have infiltrated centuries of literature, culture and most importantly continue to capture the human heart.”

Filmmaker, Mitchell Galin (Stephen King’s ‘The Langoliers’) added, “What an absolute delight. Rarely have I seen stories so vividly portrayed; portrayed in a way that makes them come alive the way a good campfire story comes alive. And the source, the greatest stories ever told, but in a way that makes them accessible as they have not been before. You can walk through the gardens, feel Noah’s confusion, experience Abraham’s anguish, but in all we see unquestioned faith. We’ve heard or read the stories before, but what GP Taylor and Paula K. Parker have done is make you “feel” the stories in a new profound way.”

With the manuscript for the second book, tentatively entitled YESHUA The Vine, The Demon & The Traitor, in the editing stage, Keeys came up with an idea of making YHWH The Flood, The Fish and The Giant available as an audio stream at and read by influential English authors, actors, entertainers and ministry leaders. Actor Graham Cole (The Bill and Dr. Who) read “The Tower.” Jeff Lucas (Jeff Lucas International Ministries) read “The Troublemaker.” Check for a list of upcoming narrators.

In support of the new audio stream, Authentic Media reduced the price of the Kindle version. “promoting the Kindle version of the book on Amazon UK for just 94p throughout August. “ In the first day of the promotion it dramatically climbed over 22,000 places on the Amazon Kindle chart!” says Authentic publisher Malcolm Downs. The print version of the book is available at $5.08 on Amazon US.