Sleep eluded me last night like a child playing a game of hide and seek. Many things have happened this week – some wonderful, others sad – and my mind wouldn’t shut down last night. I tried all my usual sleep-inducing routines – soft music, aromatherapy neck pillow, praying – but nothing helped.  Finally around 2:00 this morning, I took a pill with valerian and melatonin, hoping I would get a little sleep.

I woke up around 7:00, feeling groggy, fighting against the desire to stay in bed. Mike was going to be gone all day shooting a movie and I had planned to spend the time working on the research and prep for my new novel, “Beauty Unveiled.”

I pulled myself out of bed, poured some coffee, sat at the dining room table and stared out of the window. I began wondering whether I would have the energy to write and thought about putting off today’s work. But, I have a short deadline for the book and need to stick with my schedule.

I am such a fan of schedules and lists, knowing they can help me keep up with life’s many challenges. However, a long schedule with many to-do lists attached can look daunting when you’re weary; mine looked miles long and as heavy as a millstone.

Can I really do this? I wondered, taking another sip of coffee.

Almost absent-mindedly, I picked up my phone, scrolled over to the Bible app and clicked. It opened to Psalm 45:1:

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king;

my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.

My eyes misted at the gentle reminder that I don’t need to worry about whether I can write this book or not. The Lord gave me the ability to write. All I need to do is lean on Him and trust Him to lead me, one step at a time, through my writing schedule to a completed manuscript.

As I refilled my coffee and walked upstairs to my office, ideas were spinning in my mind.