“Ladies and gentlemen of the Gallery. Before you are three condemned men. You are here to witness their execution.”

Bloodlines Front CoverBloodlines is a stage play about Jake and Joey, two brothers who are partners in crime. They are thieves, born into a family of thieves. They are tied to each other by the blood that runs through their veins, but that doesn’t mean they have to like each other. After the death of their parents, Jake takes over the family business, adopting street kids into the “family,” and teaching them the tricks of the trade.

All goes well until Jake decides a religious revival meeting is a great place to pick pockets. The preacher’s message of love threatens to tear the “family” apart.

A stage play in two acts
by Paula K. Parker
WordCrafts Theatrical Press

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11m, 8 f. 3 boys, 3 girls – with doubling
FEE: $75 per performance

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