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An Ever Expanding List of People, Places, and Things I like.

Musings and Favorites

The Best-laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Gelato

In 2016, my husband Mike and I received a wonderful anniversary gift from our children; an all-expense-paid trip to Italy. Moments after learning of the trip, my list-loving-self took over. I created a Pinterest board and spent the months leading up to the trip...

Writing Diamonds

In 1990, the Mbuji-Mayi district of Zaire, an alluvial digger discovered a perfect rough diamond weighing 777 carats. He approached a local De Beers buyer, who immediately recognized its extraordinary beauty and purchased it. Today, it is known as the DeBeers...


My hubby, who is a professional actor, told me about a simple conversation you hear on a film set among the tech crew. When Techie A is handing a piece of equipment to Techie B, she will ask, “Yours?” To which Techie B will respond, “Mine.” It’s important to note that...


Since I wrote and published my first article in 1982, I’ve come to realize that, for me, being a writer is similar to being a parent. It takes a long time to conceive of an idea, many sleepless nights working on it, and then the laborious process of editing. When you...


Tracy H. Sugg

From shows in the nation’s capital to solo shows in New York City, Tracy’s sculpture is garnering increased attention in the art world.  

I know her as a dear friend.

Live Theatre

Springhouse Theatre

Springhouse Theatre Company is a family friendly program that strives to present wholesome and morally sound entertainment to Nashville, TN and the surrounding communities. We produce audience favorites such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Oklahoma!, The Giver, and my adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


Francine Locke

You might know Francine Locke from her television role as Sandra Barkley (Avery’s mom) on Nashville, or on The Dream FactoryNecessary RoughnessThe Originals, or The Passage.

I know her as a dear friend.

Digital Solutions



WordCrafts press

All Roads Lead To


With an Italian heritage, and a love of the ancient world, a trip to Rome was definitely on my bucket list. Imagine our surprise with our children surprised us with the trip of a lifetime to the Eternal City!

If you have the chance to go, take it!