YESHUA: The King, The Demon & The Traitor takes readers back to witness the life of one man whose birth changed the course of history forever.

With vivid descriptions and historic details, these stories clothe the characters with flesh and bone, laughter and tears, love and pain, excitement and anger. The scenes and settings paint the ancient world with the grit and dust of Palestine alongside the opulence and decadence of the Roman Empire. Throughout it all, these stories honour the truth of the ancient book from which the narratives were drawn.

Yeshua will captivate the imagination of a generation that is perhaps more familiar with Hogwarts and Mt Olympus than Galilee and Jerusalem with these retellings of stories from the world’s all-time bestselling book.

Praise for YESHUA: The King, The Demon & The Traitor

A rare combination of innovative writing and moving story-telling.
Steve Feldman, Emmy Award-winning director.

After immersing myself in the experience of reading YESHUA, The King, The Demon & The Traitor I want to literally shout with applause. GP Taylor and Paula Parker’s vivid and unique writer’s voice is simply magnificent in this new work. Taylor and Parker’s skills as authors, screen and scriptwriters are used in a masterful way to tell the story of Jesus weaving the Hebrew names and places. The titles of each chapter are simple: The Baptism, The Twelve, The Wedding, The Miracles, The Execution, The Resurrection. Descriptions of the places and people in Yeshua’s thirty years on earth are authentic, so real and powerful one feels as if we are eavesdropping on history with new ears. This is a book for every audience. It’s ageless. Timeless. It is as gripping as any piece ever written about Yeshua, the God/Man of Nazareth who changed the world.”
Bonnie Keen, award-winning author/speaker/recording artist/actor

YESHUA: The King, The Demon and The Traitor
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