Ken Tibbitts is a friend of my hubby and mine. In 2019, Ken wrote a humbling Facebook post about my SISTERS OF LAZARUS trilogy. Each year, it pops up as a memory on my Facebook page; his comments still humble me.

“I have FINALLY received the long anticipated third book of the “Sisters of Lazarus” trilogy.

Picked it up in person, hand delivered by my favorite biblical fiction writer Paula K Parker.

Paula has taken the Bible stories of Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha, and brought them to life in vivid detail. A true artist, Paula paints a picture of beauty in her first rendering, glory in her second, and who knows what lie ahead in this third. With a title like “Grace Extended” one can expect a turbulent ride with the lowest of lows of sin and rebellion to the highest of highs of magnificent grace.

I can’t wait to enter into this next journey with my favorite characters, new and old friends, and this master story teller.

Thank you Paula for being faithful to your calling.

PLEASE get and read these books! You will not be sorry!”

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