“Sisters of Lazarus” Faithful Readers Sale

How many of you have been loyal customers to a company—cellular, cable, etc.—for years and see an ad that is offering a tremendous discount for new customers while doing nothing for their faithful customers?

I realize it is easier for businesses to retain customers than it is to get new ones, but really; I have been with you for x number of years and you don’t even give me a coffee cup?

To honor my faithful “Sisters of Lazarus” readers—and to celebrate the upcoming release of Grace Extended, the third and final book in the series—I am having a special sale.

Here are the details:

Share the picture of the two books on either Facebook or Instagram; mention, “Paula K. Parker, Author;” and tag me. I will contact you with a special link to order (free shipping/no tax) autographed copies of:

Beauty Unveiled; Sisters of Lazarus, Book 1” for $12 or

Glory Revealed: Sisters of Lazarus, Book 2” for $12, or

“Sisters of Lazarus” Books 1 & 2 for $22, or

“Sisters of Lazarus” Books 2 & 3 for $22, or

The complete set of “Sisters of Lazarus” (Books 1, 2, & 3) for $30, or

*Preorder “Grace Extended: Sisters of Lazarus, Book 3” for $10.

*Note: the special sale is only available online. Grace Extended will be delivered/shipped upon publication.

The sale ends when Grace Extended releases in October 2019.

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